Corporation details - Rogue Meddlers [M3DLR]
Alliance: None CEO: EAGIT
Kills: 20 HQ:
Losses: 8 Members: 68
Damage done (ISK): 84.68B Shares: 1000
Damage received (ISK): 22.66B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 78.89% Website: http://

Rogue Meddlers is a jack of all trades wormhole corporation that is currently looking to increase in size.

Rogue Meddlers live in a wormhole we call Meddle our goal is to develope meddle to an even more prosperous and comfortable place to live. we will gladly help in the individual growth of our members, directly and indirectly by helping pilots obtain and use ships and skills of their desires. This includes support via industrial and PvE programs. With an overall goal to use these ships, skills and player talents in a WH setting for the growth and strength of our Corporation.

We Have:
* A C2 with C3 and HS statics.
* Planets that allow us to build any P4 we might want t .
* Experienced leadership!
* Opportunities to Partake in Most of what Eve has to offer from mining to PvP!
* Full industrial capability!
* A corporate Buyback program
* A sense of humor!
* Fun!
* Consitant C3 PvE OPS
* Discord

You Should:
* Discord (mic mandatory)
* Have a sense of humor and a slice of maturity!
* Enjoy teamwork as well as independence
* Want to Live in WH and Partake in everything WH has to offer with like minded people
* Full API needed!

ingame recruitment channel:
Which one is Pink?
Alphas Welcome!
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