Corporation details - We like memes and supers
Alliance: We like memes and supers Alliance CEO:
Kills: 96 HQ:
Losses: 9 Members:
Damage done (ISK): 1,195.17B Shares:
Damage received (ISK): 230.36B Tax Rate: %
Efficiency: 83.84% Website:
Top Losers
May 2019
Pilot Losses
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Pilot Losses
Daedulas Hemah 1. Daedulas Hemah 3
Enolam Tsop 2. Enolam Tsop 2
Simila Medvina 3. Simila Medvina 2
Kaladorous Lightwing 4. Kaladorous Lightwing 1
Skye Asura 5. Skye Asura 1